Today in the city Carbon Hill 10.12.2018
One Family Shares Why They Joined The Migrant Caravan And Their Challenges

Angel and Delma Muñoz fled gang violence in Honduras and joined the migrant caravan headed toward the U.S. They're now among thousands waiting in Tijuana to apply for asylum.

La secretaria de Seguridad Nacional afirmó que la caravana es una ‘crisis… al otro lado de este muro’

Este martes, la secretaria de Seguridad Nacional, Kirstjen Nielsen, contraatacó las afirmaciones de que los migrantes centroamericanos que viajan hacia Estados Unidos como parte de una caravana son mu...

Mexico detains 213 Central American migrants in 4th caravan

Mexican immigration agents have detained almost all of the Central American migrants on a fourth caravan that recently entered Mexico seeking to reach the United States.

George Hill: 'You're an Assh--e' If You Boo LeBron James in Return to Cleveland

George Hill hasn't been in Cleveland long, but he left his opinion on fans who plan to boo LeBron James in no uncertain terms. "If you boo him, you're an assh--e," Hill told Jason Lloyd of The At...

WWE SmackDown Has Instantly Transformed Daniel Bryan Into Its Top Heel

WWE SmackDown has instantly transformed Daniel Bryan into its top heel, which is a testament to Bryan's great character work.

US Homeland Security reportedly infiltrating WhatsApp groups and using paid undercover informants to monitor migrant caravan

The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly using paid undercover informants to gather intelligence on the migrant caravan nearing the US-Mexico border. Homeland Security officials were said to...

Judge shoots down Trump's asylum ban, clearing the way for the migrant caravan

President Donald Trump's November 9 proclamation restricting asylum for immigrants who cross the border into the US illegally has been shot down by a US District Judge in San Francisco. The judge halt...

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